I don't even know what I'm doing
Pokemon X

Buys Pokemon X

Is completely broke through the game buying customizable clothing items for my trainer to where I can’t even afford more than 5 potions.


Mega Gardevoir Confirmed!pokemon-fans.tumblr.compokemonfans.net

I don’t think I want to know what’s under there O.O


Mega Gardevoir Confirmed!

I don’t think I want to know what’s under there O.O




charizard x

and charizard y

omg omg omg

So x it is.

From what I understand it’s not going to be based on versions but rather what kind of mega stones (or whatever they’re called) you give them. There’s an X and Y version of Mewtwo somewhere too.

I could be wrong though!  Some one please feel free to correct me.

I still don’t think I understand this. Are they only giving an alternate mega evolution to Charizard because fans have always thought of him to be dragon/flying? Is it going to happen to other starters?

As much as I think they’ve made leaps and bounds with this game (customization for me at least, and the new pokemon have always been exciting for me since I’m one of those people who will ONLY use a team consisting of the new gen pokemon when the game comes out) but I almost feel like they’re getting a little TOO into what fans want.

I mean, good for them for making Charizard dragon/fire, though I wonder why they didn’t just do it with the Y version one. But is it because of the fans or did they do it because they thought it would be a good idea?

Idk, It’s probably just me, but I feel like I’m seeing a lot of fan favoritism in here, charizard, mewtwo, absol (who’s type didn’t even change with it’s mega form I believe, which is weird), lucario, etc. all seemingly fan favorites getting mega evolutions and such, I just wonder what they are trying to do with it. Are they going to make other pokemon who aren’t as good better with mega evolutions? Say, dunsparce? Because some pokemon do need updating that aren’t quite that good, but could be made better.


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Maybe I’m remembering wrong, but didn’t Monster’s Inc come out before Finding Nemo? Thinking that’s just a typo.

Father: why is it when you’re eating is the only time you want to talk to me?
Me: Because you hate everything I’m interested in and will change the subject to lecture me.
Father: *proceeds to lecture me anyway*
Me: *mumbling*And you wonder why I don’t want to talk to you…

“It is what we call our first Facebook case, where comments people would make took on evidentiary value,” Peters said.

This is about a week after they decided that Animal Abuse is A-okay under MO’s animal abuse laws as long as you are the owner.


"However, Zahnd said that Missouri’s animal abuse law, which prohibits killing animals in certain ways or intentionally causing injury or suffering to animals, does not apply to the “killing of an animal by the owner” or the owner’s agent."

Self-Imposed X&Y Pokemon Draw Challenge (Day #27)

Pokemon: Drilbur (#528)


Other:  Drilbur remind me of Bottles and Jamjars from BanjoKazooie.

I still want that on virtual console again. My 64 is covered in dust right now.

Self-Imposed X&Y Pokemon Draw Challenge (Day #26)

Pokemon: Swoobat (#527)


Other:  More eraser leftovers. And it’s head really needs to be bigger.

Self-Imposed X&Y Pokemon Draw Challenge (Day #25)

Pokemon: Woobat (#526)


Other: I feel like it should be fuzzier. Posting today even though I did it yesterday.

As a short person, I always tend to get annoyed at these commercials. Not as in “Oh who cares about a kid’s safety!” But more “If I was just a few inches shorter as an adult, I would have to be in a car seat while driving, and I don’t think they even make those.”

I know it’s a law thing, and I did have a music teacher who was 4’9” pulled over and told that she had to be in a car seat while driving, and I probably over-think this but more like “Do they even know that there are some adults who are 4’9” or shorter?”

Sorry, rant over, just had to get that off my chest. I don’t think they eye twitching will stop anytime soon though.